Eclipse Self-Fusing Grip Tape

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Eclipse Self-Fusing Grip Tape | Multi-color 48" (4ft in length)
X2 Sports-Grip is an elastic, self-bonding insulating wrap from a specially formulated soft silicone rubber compound designed to maximize comfort for any watersports paddles and equipment.
  • Made in USA
  • Soft Grip for Maximum Comfort
  • Prevents Blisters & Calluses
  • No Adhesive, Self-Bonding
  • 20 mil thick
  • Stretches up to 300%
  • Cover 10-12 inches of Paddle Shaft
  • Withstands: Salt Water, UV-Rays & Oil
* May reduce damage from lightning strikes :)
Length 1" x 48" (4ft long)
Color Options Black, Blue, Red, Yellow.
Characteristic No Adhesive, No Residue, Self-Bonding, Resists: Salt Water, UV Rays & Oils. Prevents Blisters & Calluses. Soft Grip for Maximum Comfort.
Thickless 20 mil
Origin USA