About Eclipse

Eclipse Innovations was born out of my obsessive compulsive drive to unravel dragon boating to it’s essence and then build great paddling products for my fellow dragon boat paddlers. One of my greatest joys is to see the teams I paddle with enjoying our great products. My paddling club in Arizona seems to love testing my latest designs and early prototypes. To this day I am continually fascinated with paddling products/technology, spending days & nights sketching product concepts, building prototypes, and fine tuning manufacture to bring great products to my fellow paddlers.

Our Paddles

Our philosophy is to build the right paddle for each paddler based on body type, athleticism, strength, paddling style and experience. Here at Eclipse, we listen to our test paddlers, from beginner to internationally competitive, that put 100’s of hours of paddling into each product development cycle. We design it, build it, then test the heck out of before bringing you some of the best carbon-fiber paddles in the world.