Eclipse in Nevada!

Eclipse in Nevada!

It's been 2 years since the last Solar Eclipse in the USA. We just finished our first stop in early May in Austin, TX and plan on visiting Lake Las Vegas, Nevada on May 18-19th. We will be showing off two of our brand new two Dragon Boat Paddle models along with lots of accessories. To bring some additional excitement to the festival, we are also hosting a PERG paddle challenge with more than $400 prizes when you get off the water! Join us for a fun challenge if you are ready to test your limit!

For those interested in our Dragon PERG Challenge, here is a brief intro The PERG is an Ergometer designed for Dragon Boat Athletes that can precisely replicate the resistance and on-the-water feel of Dragon Boat paddling. We are taking advantage of the 100m challenge mode to capture each challenger's paddling timing. The top 6 Dragon Athletes (3 men + 3 women) will receive prize by Eclipse. Grand prizes are the NRS Ninja 2.0 Life Jacket (Best in the low-profile category!). Come visit our booth for more info!

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